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SirkSKOLE - Båtsfjord Municipality Reuse Project

Ola Roald Architecture is the architect for Båtsfjord School and has received support to initiate the design process for a new kindergarten in Båtsfjord Municipality using reused materials from other buildings in Båtsfjord. During the assessment process, both building renovation and material reuse will be considered. Ola Roald Architecture will evaluate which solutions are most advantageous in terms of both economics and the environment to create a sustainable project. Get to know the architects better here.

Båtsfjord School, Nordskogen School, and Nordskogen Kindergarten are slated for demolition and have been considered as donor buildings for the project. These buildings were constructed using various types of building materials, and we aim to assess the suitability of several other reused materials in addition to timber construction.



Windows are being considered as reused material in a new greenhouse or exhibition space associated with the school or kindergarten.

Although reusing windows can be challenging due to energy requirements, there are many other possibilities such as greenhouses, pavilions, or partially insulated areas.

Art Project

Reused materials will be considered for use as part of an art project being developed in collaboration with the school and Båtsfjord Municipality. The reference mentioned is a pavilion built in Canada that serves as both a shelter and an art installation, similar to a lean-to structure.

The intention is to explore the creative potential of reused materials and incorporate them into an engaging and visually striking art installation in Båtsfjord. The project aims to highlight the beauty and artistic possibilities of reusing materials while promoting sustainable practices and raising awareness about the circular economy.

Timber Construction

Reuse of timber construction will be the main focus of the SirkTre project. Ola Roald Architecture has received support to assess and design the reuse of timber structures through SirkTre. Timber will be evaluated for reuse as secondary construction materials, facade materials, or as part of the art project. The goal is to explore other new applications for the reuse of timber and showcase its versatility and sustainability in construction.



The mapping of the existing buildings will involve documenting quantities and assessing the material quality of the construction and facade materials in the school and daycare center. Ola Roald Architecture has received support to survey the materials in the school for potential reuse. A comprehensive assessment will be conducted, considering all materials and reuse methods. This mapping process will form the basis for further design and planning of the daycare center, taking into account both material reuse and transformation of the existing building.


The design process will involve evaluating how the materials can be reused and planning the new daycare center. The design will consider the reuse of materials and involve participatory and dialogue processes with the municipality regarding the needs of the daycare center. Reports from the mapping process will inform this phase. The possible transformation of the existing Nordskogen school can also guide the architectural design and planning of the daycare center.


The disassembly process will be described and planned in consultation with Båtsfjord municipality, reuse advisors, and other consultants. Planning and description will occur concurrently with the mapping process and design work on the daycare center.


Description and planning of potential interim storage of materials will be undertaken. Requirements for the storage area and protective methods will be planned and described as part of the process. Input and suggestions from reuse advisors and various consultants in this area are welcomed. Dialogues and proposed treatment methods involved in the interim storage process, as well as how the timber should be prepared for storage, will be considered. Collaboration partners: Resirqel, Vollebekk, Økern Lager.


Planning and design of assembly methods will be carried out. This includes designing construction details and describing methods. The possibility of easy disassembly of timber and future reuse after our construction project will also be considered. Collaboration partners: Fingerskjøt.

To learn more about and get in touch with the architects, please visit their website: Ola Roald Arkitektur

SirkTRE partner

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